27.08.2019 15:03
[LAST NEWS] Information about Coordinator section

Dear customers.

Already now we can briefly inform you of some work done on the Coordinator sector. We have information from some of our clients who are ready to conclude an agency agreement and formally represent the company in information centers in each country.

Currently, the Coordinator section is under development; our lawyers are also working on contract documentation. This will be an international partnership agreement between the legal entity L7trade Incorporated and the individual according to the document on registration of the current tax status in the country of registration.

The official representative will work on information issues, have telephone communications, conduct consultations and gatherings of clients of the platform of his country.

L7trade Incorporated provides the necessary support, covering the costs of maintaining the premises, pays for the work from its own revenues for each country - this will be a percentage of the company's income for providing services in the country where the information center is located.

Thanks to this, our customers will be able to: check with competent specialists questions by telephone or visit L7trade in their country with a personal visit.

The tentative start of the work of the Coordinator section and the first information centers is scheduled for September 15, 2019.

We have several appeals in several countries and these clients are already awaiting the conclusion of agency contracts. We want to show one of these video calls from Brazil in this news. The client is ready to work as an official representative of L7trade Incorporated in Brazil and organize an information center in this country.

According to this principle, applications will be accepted for signing the agreement and work in information centers by an official representative.

Have a nice day everyone. Thank you for being with us!